We are a controls specialist company dealing with DDC , sensors , valve & actuator, Thyristors, VFDs and related products like data cables, transformers and relays.

Business Groups


Efficient delivery of a wide range of controls and related products at most competitive price


  • Chiller plant manager
  • Car park ventilation system
  • Building Management System

Facility Maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Break Down Maintenance
  • Energy Management


Infratech Controls specialises in the supply, installation and commissioning of controls products of industry leaders like Honeywell, Siemens and Johnson Controls. With Infratech Controls as partners MEP Contractors and property owners have an alternative source for installing and maintaining these control systems in their facilities.


Infratech Controls has its focus on the following three sectors in project execution :

Building Management System

  • HVAC Application
  • Electrical Monitoring and Billing

Chiller Plant Manager

  • Chillers
  • Primary Pumps
  • BFV

Car Park Ventilation

  • Co Sensors
  • Jet Fans

Building Management System

  • Connects to major M&E equipment in building
  • Controls air conditioning and lighting to save energy
  • Monitors all equipment to improve efficiency of operations personnel and minimize equipment down time

Building Automation

AHU’s & FCU’s

Car Park Ventilation System

  • Control Jet Fans based on CO Concentration
  • Design and Installation of Carbon Monoxide sensors
  • Control of Supply Fans and Exhaust Fans


Chiller Plant Manager

  • Sequencing of Chillers and Primary Pumps based on Building Load
  • Supply and commissioning of Temperature Sensors , Flow meter and Butterfly Valves
  • Integration to Building Management Syste


Preventive Maintenance

  • Periodical Scheduled Preventive maintenance of Equipments and Controls
  • Totalising the Run Time Hours of Equipments and performing Maintenance
  • Monitoring Vital Parameters and Make Preventive Maintenance before the Situation turns to breakdown scenario
  • Generating Automatic work orders

The PPM ( Preventive Plant Maintenance ) ensures minimum downtime of Equipments , Maximum comfort level to occupant , peace of mind for Property Operators and less expensive.

Break Down Maintenance

  • Web Based Complaint Management ensures a quick and accurate response
  • Experienced and Dedicated Maintenance Staff
  • Intelligent Inventory management for a quick spare part supply

Energy Management

In order to Control Energy and Water Consumption it need to be measured. We Supply, Install and Maintain Metering Devices along with the Billing Software