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NBC-455 Dinion IP Cameras

Variable  Frequency Drives
Dinion IP cameras are progressive scan CCD color cameras. They can tri-stream video simultaneously — on two H.264 streams and one M-JPEG stream. Features such as multicasting, internet streaming and iSCSI recording are fully supported. Dinion IP cameras have built-in video motion detection and additional processing power for video content analysis systems. To simplify installation, automatic lens detection and easy OSD installation procedures are provided. Dinion IP cameras include picture enhancement features such as NightSense for low light scenes and Autoblack for low contrast scenes. Supported by the award-winning Dinion digital imaging technology, they provide a proven, dependable solution for many security and surveillance requirements.

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A wide range of applications

Mainly incorporated in the industrial or commercial buildings sector:

  • IT sector
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Educational Institution
  • Financial Sectors
  • Banking Domain
  • Corporate Sectors
  • Industrial Estates