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Variable   air   volume

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The single duct terminal units are at the core of today’s variable air volume (VAV) systems. The staple of today’s HVAC system designer, VAV systems lower operating costs by using less central fan energy and less refrigeration energy. VAV systems also have lower first costs by allowing the designer to take advantage of the building’s diversity. The primary function of the single duct terminal units is to regulate conditioned air flow into an occupied zone in response to a control signal. Single duct terminal units are available with a wide range of control options to suit any application. These include pneumatic, analog electronic, electric, and direct digital control (DDC). Single duct terminal units can be applied in both pressure-dependent and pressure-independent applications in duct systems with static pressures up to 3" w.g.

With the demands of today’s building designs to reduce energy in smaller mechanical spaces, the single duct terminal unit is the perfect choice.


  • 22 ga. galvanized steel casing, mechanically sealed, low leakage construction.
  • Damper construction of double layer 18 gauge equivalent with mechanically fastened integral blade seal.
  • Butt welded round primary inlet duct to minimize leakage.
  • Metal inlet "ow sensor with extra balancing taps.